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The Confidence Code in the News – June 2015

Claire Shipman & Katty Kay

We’re so excited The Confidence Code was named in TIME Magazine’s Best Negotiation Books for 2015! You can read the rest of the list here.

Here are a few other places in the news the book has been featured recently:

We hope your summer is off to a great start!

-Katty and Claire

6 Lessons from British Mother in America – What I’ve Done Right and What I’ve Done Wrong

Katty Kay

A few years ago I was a guest on the Colbert Report, talking about our last book Womenomics. The book looked in part at juggling children and jobs. Half way through the interview, in his inimitable way, Stephen suddenly said to me and “So you’re a working Mom, now chose. You’re on the edge of the cliff, and something has to go kids or career – which is it going to be,” he grilled, “kids or career, chose fast.”

Now, it was a comedy show, so, after I’d swallowed my befuddlement, I blurted out, “Well I’ve got four kids but only one career, so…” Stephen looked at me with that well honed mock horror of his and replied, “Wow, you just got the worst Mom of the year award, actually the worst Mom ever.”

Ironically my parenting skills are one of the things in my life that I feel pretty confident about. Not that I’ve done everything perfectly, there are certainly things I’d like a redo on (dumping my 8 year old’s entire dinner in the trash recently because she refused to finish her vegetables, was particularly immature, don’t you think?) But, in twenty years of parenting there are things I’ve learned – partly through trial and error and partly through researching confidence, which might make useful lessons.

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