The Confidence Code Q&A – Summer reading for girls?

Claire Shipman

Q: I want to start a summer book read for my friends and our daughters to experience together.  My theme is confidence and each month I want to explore a different subject, for example, negative self talk, social media, etc…  Do you feel that “The Confidence Code” will resonate with our 7th-12th grade girls?  If not, do you have suggestions of books that will?

A: What a terrific question! My son Hugo, who will be going into 7th grade, has started to read the book, and he finds it fascinating. We do think it would resonate—especially because we have a lot of stories woven in—so it’s not all data.  We also think it’s quite important for young women to see the world and their place in it from different angles—in ways that may not have occurred to them. It will be so healthy for them to understand early, for example, that a drive to be perfect in everything isn’t always healthy! If you decide to go ahead with it, would you let us know how it goes over? We’d be very interested. Best, Claire

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