The Confidence Code Q&A – Do women hold each other back?

Katty Kay

Q: Do women also hold back because they are more fearful of other women?  I feel like women are very competitive with one another and I often hold back because I don’t feel the same support from specifically women when things are going well for me  vs. when I am down and out and my confidence is low.

A: This is such a tricky issue and yes, we’ve definitely heard tales of women not feeling they are supported by other women, particularly more senior women. In our experience however this doesn’t seem to be supported by evidence of a pattern and generally speaking women are more supportive of women than men might be. Indeed, companies with more women at the top tend to see a greater number of women rise up through the ranks.

One way to get other women to support you when things are going well might be to bring them on to your team. Make an extra effort to show you realise your success is part of a team effort and go out of your way to praise them when things go well for them. Nothing like a bit of positive attention to bring anyone, man or woman, on board!

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