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Katty Kay
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Publishing a book is indeed a bit like having a baby. There are weeks and weeks of preparation, telling friends and family and buying stuff (new outfits for the TV shows, (tech) toys to deal with the launch and energy bars to keep you going) and then the big day finally arrives and you are so exhausted you can barely take it all in.

But, we are also so grateful and overwhelmed by the support of people you know and people you’ve never met that you float through the day on a haze of adrenalin and eyebags.

That’s how Claire and I feel today.

We just want to say thank you to all of you for supporting The Confidence Code. We are thrilled by the conversation the book is generating. So many women, and men, have told us the book resonates with their own experiences and we are grateful to all of you for sharing your feedback.

We are especially thrilled that so many of you have taken the confidence quiz and joined what we hope is going to be a real contribution to research in this field. This is a first and we had no idea it would be such a popular tool. Three thousand people had taken the confidence quiz by the end of the first day (and the book wasn’t even published then), as I write this over six thousand of you have! Wow. Thank you thank you. All of this will help researchers better understand and address the confidence gap between men and women and we are so excited that you are all part of that.

Now – back to that book launch….

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