The Confidence Code Q&A – What are the confidence genes?

Katty Kay
Woman scientist touching DNA molecule image at media screen

Q: Can you tell me what the confidence gene is? I did genetic testing a month ago at, but would love to know the SNP #.

A: There isn’t one confidence gene but neuroscientists are starting to isolate a group of genes that affect confidence and, on the flip side, anxiety. We tested three different genes that control serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin levels in our bodies. Your genetic predisposition to confidence depends on what variant you have of the genes. On two of those (the serotonin transporter gene and the COMT gene that regulates dopamine levels) Claire and I both have variants that wouldn’t naturally make up confident. We did have better luck with the gene that regulates oxytocin – also known as the cuddle hormone, by the way!


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